• Image of Archdimension Now (2CD)
  • Image of Archdimension Now (2CD)

Archdimension Now:
CD1+CD2: Archdimension Now

Kauriala Society April 11th 2014

Double CD custom sleeve, 500pcs

"Archdimension Now is a triumph as wide as a galaxy, a starfire of light and hallucinatory visions across a backdrop as dark as the void. Split across two, hour-long compositions, there is a certain degree of effort involved in appreciating what's on offer, but that's the point. The massive scope allows for complete immersion, for listeners to cocoon themselves in sheer walls of drone and fractured samples, and for the pulsation and sonar synth to pierce the synapses with their sharp, unforgiving presence. This is less an album than a microcosm, a dimension mapped on plastic and transmitted through light, sound and grinning, endless otherness."
David Bowes / Rock-A-Rolla #49