• Image of Faster Than Speed (CD)
  • Image of Faster Than Speed (CD)

Faster Than Speed:
1. Smoke In Space
2. Δt=0

Winter Records August 22nd 2010

Custom sleeve, 500pcs

"This band has to be one of the best in terms of musicianship as while its mostly mellow and ambient stuff, the elements of everything from Jazz to movie soundtrack themes are added effortlessly and without you noticing the subtle variations taking place, this is pure art of the highest order."
- E. Barnard / Doommantia.com

"Between their space and sub-stoner elements, their heavier low end and percussive range, Mr. Peter Hayden offer a richness of sound that goes beyond what’s captured here on tape. ... It’s a rare thing for a debut to sound so unique."
- H.P. Taskmaster / TheObelisk.net

"The band have created a damn cool and very ambitious CD for real music travellers."
- Scott Heller

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