• Image of Osiris Hayden (CD)

1. "Thr33 of Wands"
2. "Emergence"
3. "Justified"
4. "Uhrilahja"
5. "Sun Sets for One"
6. "Origo"
7. "Ad Coronam"
8. "M47eria Prima"
9. "Tachophonia"

Svart Records November 1st 2019

Digipak CD.

"Earlier this year, they released ‘Osiris Hayden,’ their second offering through Svart Records and fifth overall in their prolific decade together. Their latest work finds them embracing new reaches of the cosmic infinite, taking on electronic charge as they never have before and exploring the connection between organic and inorganic audio experiences as if to ask what it is that makes something a natural experience, and what gives us such an arrogance to think we be able might determine that kind of thing to start with?"
Roadburn Festival

"While some have labeled PH has the next (and future) generation of kosmische musik, they’re not so easily pigeonholed. PH take in, twist about, fold over, and plot anew jazz, rock, metal, ambient, and others as a way to map out their next steps, whether its by song, such as “Origo,” or by album, Osiris Hayden."
Decibel Magazine

"Through the years, Mr. Peter Hayden has made one thing certain: This is all an experiment. Throwing together minimal ambient, psychedelic rock, krautrock, and doom metal, the band has built an exquisite discography, yet it feels like everything is only now beginning with Osiris Hayden... ...Much like their record's namesake, PH has spent its time in the underworld waiting, but finally, the moment of resurrection has arrived, and it is glorious."

"Incorporating countless styles and genres, PH borrows from the full spectrum of music but belongs to none. Enthusiasts of metal, post-rock, ambient, and dark electronic can all earnestly gather at PH’s enthrallingly psychedelic altar to witness their uncanny marriage of primeval savagery and digital futurism."
Invisible Oranges

"Where have they gone, what have they found there? Are we inside or outside, up or down? Does it matter? Are we matter? One could go on, but consider the questions as evidence of the effectiveness of Osiris Hayden in removing one from the ground and putting their audience in this position of dimensional disorientation."
The Obelisk

"What is it? Why define it? What does it sound like? Like being seduced, drugged and mugged by a very gifted flirting robot circa 2049. It is a dissonant hump, a raw sight beyond forms, a trip-hopped slink bolstered by layers you’re going to need to discover over time at high volume... ...The full listen is very subtle to start, or at least it was for me, and I’d found it could be delved into through self-induced trance. Did my mind ever return?"
Grizzly Butts

"The theme throughout this trance-inducing adventure is apocalyptic ecstasy. Massive, oversaturated drums drive a hypnotic, churning soundscape of synths, while distorted vocals echo occasionally in the background. Effect-laden guitars swirl around our heads, while the bottom end threatens to end the lives of our speaker systems."
Angry Metal Guy